Michael Levine

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Michael has two dogs named Henry and Roxy. Henry serves as his primary dog for searching bedbugs and Roxy will serve as his back up soon. Roxy is not yet certified so Michael can’t use it in bedbug detection as of now.

Pest control companies contact Michael to check certain houses, office buildings, apartments, condos, assisted living facilities, movie theaters, hotels, and much more. K9 Henry searches the place to check if it is infested with bedbugs. Dogs can do this job with high precision and accuracy given the proper training and handler. Henry is trained to smell these insects even if these are hiding in the deepest and darkest places.

K9 Henry is a mixture of beagle, Jack Russell and maybe some Australian shepherd. He is a happy & hyperactive little guy! He loves running, walking, and working with Michael. Ever since Michael picked him up about six years ago, he doesn’t want to leave Michael’s side.

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