K9 Henry

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K9 Henry is a mixed breed of beagle, Jack Russell and maybe some Australian shepherd. He is a happy & energetic little guy! He loves running, walking, and working with Michael. Ever since Michael picked him up about six years ago, he doesn’t like leaving Michael’s side.

Michael lived in New York when he flew down to Clearwater, FL in Safety Harbor. He met Henry’s trainer there and started training with the cute pooch. Day in day out, Michael and K9 Henry trained and played together, and just got to know each other well. All trained, and ready to go, Michael went back to New York with K9 Henry in tow.

They did bedbug inspections in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for six years. At present, they relocated to Tampa FL and have been launching the service out there to level the playing field.

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