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Join The Fight Against Bed Bugs


Over the last few years, confirmed cases of bed bugs have been on the rise in the state of Florida, especially in densely populated cities such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando and South Florida. We are on a mission to completely eradicate these pests and provide a sense of peace of mind to a residence across this great state! We are looking to partner with reputable pest control companies who are looking to offer accurate inspections and effective treatment to their customers.

We work alongside your company to detect and pinpoint the location of bed bugs allowing for easy treatment of the infected area. This is incredibly cost-effective and time-saving for detection in large commercial and residential buildings such as nursing homes hotels, motels, dorms and more. Not to mention, peace of mind to the customer of knowing the detection was performed by a 3rd party company with absolutely no bias.

Performing a bed bug inspection by sight alone is ineffective, unprofessional and can damage your company’s credibility in the long run. Partnering with us allows your company to provide a much-needed service, protect your company name and reputation while also increasing profits!

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