Inspections you can trust!

Bedbug K9 Experts, Inc. offers 98+% accuracy in bedbug detection using a certified bedbug canine detector. We all know that dogs have a more sensitive sense of smell than humans. Bedbug detection now uses dogs aside from having trained canines at ports. Dogs can smell live bugs or its viable eggs with 98+% accuracy as compared to a human-only inspection.

Bedbug elimination begins with detection, examination, and proper identification of suspected areas. Bedbug K9 Experts, Inc. is an independent business-to-business company based in Tampa, Florida. It performs bedbug detection in houses, office buildings, apartments, condos, assisted living facilities, movie theaters, hotels, and much more.

Don’t be fooled by other pest control companies that say you don’t need a dog. You save much more if you hire a trained canine to do the bedbug detection. As always, the kind of inspection you can trust.

Company Privacy Guaranteed

For more than 6 years, Bedbug K9 Experts, Inc. has worked in different states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. It has also reached some parts of Canada. The K9 dog had done more than 1,000 inspections including well-established hotels and other businesses in major cities that naming them in a testimonial may be counterproductive.

One of the biggest points of this business, believe it or not, people get embarrassed with bedbug issues. It’s like telling someone that you have a dreadful disease. No business establishment would like to be tagged with bedbugs, especially hotels. As much as we would like to mention our satisfied customers, our promise of discretion to our customers is much important to us.

Also, disclosing the canine’s information is something private on the owner’s personal level. We can only disclose our dogs’ info this much.