4 Reasons Why Bedbug K9 Inspection Is Hassle-Free

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When it comes to bedbug inspection, the challenges lie in three areas: (1) detecting a small population of bedbugs before it turns into an infestation; (2) confirming extermination of bedbugs after completion of treatment; and (3) making these processes hassle-free. Bedbugs are tiny and hide in between small cracks and crevices. Detecting them early is the key to the success of a proper extermination. Here are the four reasons why bedbug canine inspection is hassle-free:

1 – Inspection only lasts up to 15 minutes on an average.

 Normally, a pest control technician or exterminator conducts an inspection for about an hour. With a canine’s unique smelling ability, bedbug detection could only be a few minutes.

2 – Inspection doesn’t disrupt much the occupant.

There are times that technicians may require you to dismantle or move a piece of furniture to get his task done. With bedbug dogs, there’s no need for you to turn your house upside down.

3 – Inspection covers most parts of the house.

Technicians can only detect bedbugs in limited visual inspection areas unlike bedbug dogs which can detect bedbugs from inside upholstered surfaces, mattress seams, beneath the carpet, behind baseboards, etc.

4 – Inspection are above 90% accurate.

Accuracy of adult bedbug detection by traditional means usually ranges from 40% to 60%. Well-trained bedbug dogs, on the other hand, achieve more than 90% accuracy in all stages of the bedbug’s life cycle.

Because of bedbugs’ size and behavior, it is suggested to use sniffing dogs in its detection rather than calling a pest control technician. It is much faster, more accurate, and cost effective, in short, hassle-free.

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